The power of birthstone jewelry is in its ability to connect us. Not only connect us to beautiful jewelry, but to the very planet that we call home. Birthstone rings allow us to hold the powerful comfort of the earth in our hands. A birthstone necklace is more than a piece of jewelry. It is a talisman that commemorates your birth and celebrates your life. The gift of birthstone rings for mothers are constructed from the physical representation of the love they brought into the world. We understand how powerful these ties can be, so we spend the time to craft each birthstone necklace, ring, or bracelet into something both beautiful and powerful. All of our hand-crafted gemstone rings can become even more personal with the decision to add a birthstone. Let us help you celebrate your journey through this world with a piece that will make you smile each time you see its scintillating colors.

Our Birthstone Jewelry Collection is filled with amazing presents that show just how thoughtful your gifts are. Our Mountain Gemstone Rings are perfect for anyone who wants to commemorate their trips through the peaks. The Columbine Birthstone Earrings and Pendant are wonderful for anyone who loves a chance to show off their sparkling elegance. For those who want a combination of air and earth we have our Western Feather Birthstone Earrings. For anyone who enjoys a bit more intricacy we have our Victorian Concho Birthstone Bracelet. Any of our rings can be turned into birthstone rings (for mothers and fathers a child's birthstone can be a great gift). In addition to rings, our collection has any number of pieces that can be customized with birthstones. Feel free to call or email us to discuss your personalized birthstone jewelry!