What makes men's jewelry different than women's? Men's rings are made from the same metals. Men's bracelets are crafted by the same hands. Men's necklaces are purchased with the same money. Where does the difference come in? Ultimately, the difference is psychological. Women wear a piece of jewelry because it's beautiful. Men wear jewelry to commemorate an event (men's titanium wedding rings, for instance) or to show the world what is meaningful in their lives (maybe a cross necklace for men). Ouray Silversmiths understands that, and we have designed many pieces to help men express what's important to them. Do you love hiking? Our men's bracelets are filled with the actual peaks and plants that you've experienced. We have created new titanium rings for men whose active lifestyle requires something stronger than sterling silver or white gold. Do you bring some elk ivories home each year? Let us set them in an elk call for next year. Or commemorate your trip with a pair of elk inspired men's rings we created for the occasion. Whatever you find most important, we can help solidify its memory in a piece that will be precious to you.

One of our current favorite pieces is our Blue Sky Titanium Mountain Ring. Its unusual color and hand carved mountains don't just make it a unique ring, they make it a perfect choice if you're looking for men's titanium wedding rings. Our Elk Story Men's Rings and our Elk Signet Men's Rings are perfect for anyone who brings home the venison each year! And, if you've ever seen the view from its peak, our Mt Sneffels Pendant is one of the perfect men's necklaces to commemorate your summiting of our iconic peak. Another of our favorite men's necklaces is our Mountain Cross Necklace which comes in Sterling Silver or a wonderful two tone design. If you're looking for a larger piece our men's bracelets include a bracelet with the entirety of the San Juan Mountain range hand carved in sterling silver.