The curve of a woman's neck is both beautiful and mysterious. Women's earrings should draw attention to that beauty and create anticipation for that mystery. Each choice is a hint to anyone who witnesses a woman. Gold earrings can create a warm, flashing beacon every time she moves. Silver earrings can accentuate the strength in each delicate curve. Put those precious metals together and you create something as unique as every falling lock of hair. A gold stud earring or a silver stud earring will create an ephemeral flame in the shadow. An elegant drop earring embodies the dual nature of delight and restraint. We understand the import of these choices. Our silversmith holds each piece and carves them by hand, shaping each one individually. He brings the best of each piece of metal into the light while leaving its solid heart an enigma. Find your beautiful mystery in this wonder filled collection.

Our Women's earrings come in all shapes and sizes. For those who want a stunning gold stud earring, look to the Solid Gold Columbine Studs with Blue Diamonds. If a silver stud earring is more your style, check out our beautifully intricate Victorian Concho Studs. If you love the look of two tone silver and gold earrings, Our Mountain Teardrop Earrings are for you. If you are in the mood for a natural look, we can help you with our Feather Drop Silver Earrings. Are you daring and adventurous? Check out our Copper Bullet Earrings! For those who enjoy the sweep of an aspen branch we have the Three Leaf Silver Earrings. Or, for those in love with autumn, look at these Three Leaf Silver, Copper, and Gold Earrings. And, for those who enjoy simple elegance we have the Columbine Birthstone Silver Stud Earrings. Explore and discover a pair of Women's Earrings that speak to your inner mystery.