Western Ring with Birthstone

Western Jewelry should be strong and simple. The men and women of the Victorian west knew that. For many, the only piece of jewelry you needed was your Western Wedding Band. That ring needed to represent the strength that you drew from each other. It was a simple statement that didn't need excessive decoration. Just a simple path, not always straight, but winding around the obstacles you faced. A path that would lead you out the other side. We get it. So we created this Western Wedding Band for you. For those who know their hearts, it's a ring of simple beauty. A western ring that will catch every ray of sunshine inside or outside. A ring that will stay with you, but won't slow you down.  A ring that gives the confidence of companionship. Sometimes you don't need to shout from the rooftops. Sometimes the most powerful statements are the ones you don't ever need to speak out loud. That's western jewelry.